Tire Protection Chains for Earth Moving Machines

The forged protective elements are connected by rings welded into the network.
The quality of the materials used and the specific thermal processing guarantee a high resistance to wear and tear and a long life of the chain.
The 4-angle shaped net is very dense and offers maximum protection to the tyres, even in difficult terrain.
The disign of our chain offers the following advantages:
    Maximum machine utilization due to reduced maintenance and downtime
    Maximum possible protection of the tyres, which extends their life and therefore considerably reduces maintenance costs
    Prevents tyre slippage and improves grip
    Increases the stability of the machine and provides greater safety in the workplace
Information value of the service life of the safety chains.
The values given in the table may vary and are dependent on the following factors:
    The moisture level in the rock
    Length of road travelled
    The power of the machine
    Working temperature/environmental temperature
    The driving mode
    Topographical conditions
    Correct chain tension
    The maintenance of the chain

installation video

Material test certificate


  - Our warranty covers 5000 operating hours or a maximum of 13 months unless otherwise stated with the exception of wear and tear, thermal influences and other environmental influences. Each shipment of SG Tyre Protection Chains includes a sufficient number of spare parts. Additional spare parts will be charged.
-We recommend replacing a maximum of 10% of the rings and links of the chain with spare parts. In case more than 15% of the elements (rings and links) are replaced, the chain must be checked in general or replaced in its entirety.
--When SG tyre protection chains work with normal application, but rings or links break more than 10% (non-human)
and time has not passed the warranty time. We will supply a new tire chain for the customer.


  -This guarantee determines the general conditions in which the chains are repaired free of charge in the factory ( cost of freight to be paid by the customer) or at the seller's choice,
Defective parts are replaced.
-Claims under this warranty can only be covered, if compliance with all provisions of the "warning against misuse" is demonstrated.
In case of non-compliance with the "warning against misuse", this warranty is void.
-This warranty does not cover compensation for damage to persons or property. It only covers tyre protection chains.
The warranty expires after a period of 14 months from the date of purchase of the chain. The date of purchase must be proven by a sales receipt.
-The warranty will not be valid if the data given in the quote request form are not true