Controlled Blasting system EBS

You are not allowed to continue blasting because it presents a danger to the surrounding population, or constructions (such as tunnels) are at risk of being affected?  Problem in diamond and gold mines because it breaks the product.

 We began to invest substantially in the research and development of energy compounds whose energy supply mechanism could be improved in such a way as to fundamentally change the use of explosives.
 We identified early on that if we could release explosive energy without the associated shockwave that characterizes conventional explosive materials, a complete paradigm shift in the world of explosives would be achieved in terms of efficiency, safety and cost.
 This marked the beginning of the field of self-explosive technology, which is the cornerstone of our business today.

EBS Blasting System Technology
The safety cartridges are robust, waterproof and available in many sizes to suit the application in question. Our cartridges have an integrated starter element with two lead wires that allow multiple cartridges to be connected and fired. The rating is ( 1.4s ) which makes them safe for transport by air, road or sea, and storage in a secure, lockable area or container without the need for "licensed explosives stores". These factors greatly reduce the cost of a project and save considerable time, especially when working on coastal islands or remote areas.
 - We are the only ones in this position, which allows us to offer the product worldwide.
 - All EBS Blasting System products are patented and we are the exclusive suppliers of self-exploding technology to 3 of the 5 largest explosives companies, where they offer our product line to their customers:

  •   European Union: CE approval mark granted by BAM (Germany);
  •   United States of America: approval granted by DOT and ATF;
  •   Canada: approval granted by the Ministry of Natural Resources;
  •   Australia: Approval granted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Mines
  •   South Africa: Approval granted by the Chief Inspector of SAPS Explosives
  •  Spain: Approval granted by Catex (Ministry for Ecological Transition)


Big Rock Blasting

Massive blasting

Localized blasting

 We are proud to be the only explosives producer with products accredited on all continents by every major explosives regulator.
 The achievement of EBS Blasting System technology is the result of the effective decoupling of two performance variables, previously considered unavoidable, combined with a patented, highly efficient energy release mechanism.
 Conventional explosives are characterised by the high velocity of detonation that imparts shock to the rock. The higher the VOD (over 5,000 m/s), the greater the amount of energy released in the form of a blast wave. It has always been assumed that shock and energy are synonymous and that increasing one necessarily means increasing the other.
 Our research led to a separation of released energy and VOD, resulting in a technology that offers greater energy release than conventional packaged explosives, while avoiding the creation of a full blast wave by reacting to a low VOD. By reducing VOD by 90% compared to conventional explosives, PPV (vibration) is reduced by 90% with no loss or capacity of energy supply, fy-rock is drastically reduced, harmful gases are completely eliminated and the consequences of blast waves are completely avoided.
Generation 3 produces 2 times more energy available and delivered to the rock than conventional products. The EBS Blasting System product range does not require stemming and is still the first in the world.

Sizes and weights
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Our safety cartridges are suitable for a wide range of applications in the civil, surface and underground mining and residential sectors. - Some examples :-
           * Breakage of large boulders * Shaft collapse
           * Trenching * Tunnel
           * Cutting benches * Breaking up the concrete mass
           * Cutting walls * Producing armor rock

           * Underground and surface mining                                                      

                              Main benefits
* Low transport restrictions * Reduced fume output
* Low storage restrictions * Increased breakage control
* Low ground vibration * Low risk of flying rocks
* Low overpressure produced (air jet)
* Very small exclusion zone

Q. How is rock breakage different from rock breakage with conventional explosives?
A. The main difference between EBS Blasting System™ and explosives can be summarised as follows:
- Explosives can explode in their packaged state whereas EBS Blasting System™ cartridges do not explode in their packaged state.
- Explosives are designed to detonate, while EBS Blasting cartridges System™ are designed to deflag.
- Explosives produce a destructive shock wave that results in high levels of vibration, which damages the surrounding rock mass, while EBS Blasting System™ cartridges produce a controllable pressure wave with low levels of vibration.

The technology is based on a non-detonating propellant compound ENCAPSULATED in a cartridge, which reacts very quickly when ACTIVATED to produce high volumes of inifensive gas, composed of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and steam.
When the cartridge is introduced into a borehole in the rock, the high-pressure gas generated by the ignition of the propellant enters the micro-cracks created by the percussion drilling process and the natural cracks creating the FRAGMENTATION of the rock.
The number of propagated cracks is related to the maximum pressure and frequency of the maximum pressure reached by the expanding gases inside the borehole.The pressure of the gas, within the drilling and the propagated cracks propagated, causes the fractured rocks to separate, producing a shear of the rock that is called division

What is EBS Blasting System used for ™?

The EBS Blasting System rock fracture technology ™ was developed to solve problems associated with specialized excavations and rock fracture in sensitive conditions. Collateral damage associated with excavations using explosives in unfavourable rock conditions or in blast-sensitive areas often creates a greater problem than the original explosive solution was intended to address.

A diferencia de los explosivos convencionales de alta velocidad que detonan (Detonación) a muy alta velocidad, creando presiones muy altas con la posibilidad de producir “roca volada” de alta velocidad y sobrepresión, nuestros Cartuchos cuando se inician son muy lentos en comparación (Deflagración) permitiendo un ambiente mucho más controlado. Cuanto mayor es el ambiente controlado, más pequeñas son las zonas de exclusión de seguridad para el personal y el equipo, reduciendo el tiempo y el costo. Cuando se inicia el uso de nuestros cartuchos, generalmente se crea un riesgo muy pequeño de Fly Rock o sobrepresión, pero si existe algún riesgo en el sitio, se puede colocar una carga artificial como una capa de relleno suelto sobre los agujeros para eliminar la posibilidad de que se produzca.

La rotura secundaria de grandes rocas y roca de blindaje es muy adecuada para nuestros cartuchos frente a los martillos hidráulicos montados en excavadoras debido a que los martillos intentan romper la roca en compresión donde nuestra tecnología utiliza muy poca energía para romper con las fuerzas de expansión.


Our technology is available in many cartridge sizes from 2.0 grams to 500 grams, allowing the correct loading weight to be used for the application.Drilling patterns can also be change to control desired rock size breakage results.

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