Electronic scale belt for measurement of  the volume of aggregates passing over the conveyor belts

Optical Scale  Sensor
The electronic volume scale on conveyor belts measures the volume of material on the band through an electro-optical sensor ( See Figure below ) and transfers the data to a a Programed mobile phone and it to the inclueded printer to print datas at sinde and or to  computer for statistical purposes,
It works without contact with the material and therefore is not affected by vibration or dust, it carries out measurements on belts with different degrees of inclination, even when the inclination is varied during the work. Automatic measurement and data storage, data transfer via Bluetooth. failure factor 0.7%.
The measurement is based on the volume and the density factor of the aggregate will convert in weight.
Additional interfaces are available for stationary equipment:
 Serial interface: RS-422
Analog Interface: 4-20mA
Digital pulse output: Pulse/Volume

Measuring process

The emitting laser sensor transfers the data via Bluetooth to the mobile handheld device (PDA) with data management function, which  supplies the data to/and your supplied mobile and printer (possibility to print the measurement data on site via the thermal printer) and to the mobile or computer room via e-mail in Excel format.

Application sites

Construction industry
-Conveyor belts of mobile and stationary crushing plants
-Screening plants
-for very short, smooth, grooved, rotary conveyor belts
-for aggregates, sand, gravel, stones, debris, etc.
-Lumber Industry
-Mobile and stationary reduction plants
-Wood crushing plants
-Sorting equipment
-Biomass production equipment
-for shavings, sawdust...
Waste Industry
-Waste recycling plants
-Trash recycling plants
-Type of garbage

Excel table of imported data


Unit supply

Some Pictures